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36 Days of Type

La mia partecipazione al progetto 36 Days of Type: per più di un mese, ogni giorno, attraverso Instagram, grafici e type lovers di tutto il mondo hanno postato le loro lettere e numeri e li hanno condivisi con l’hastag #36daysoftype. Un trade d’union che invita grafci, illustratori ed artisti a vedere, con diverse prospettive e modi di rappresentazioni diversi, lo stesso segno. Qui i miei:


A 36 Days of Type project: each day for more than one month graphics artist and type lovers around the world, through Instagram, have posted their letters and numbers and shared them with the hashtag #36daysoftype. A union between illustrators and artists for see in many point of views and in different ways of representations the same sign. Here mine:


A is for Acrobat  –  B is for Boomerang  –  C is for Cake


D is for Dancing   –   E is for Explosion  –  F is for Flower


G is for Gin Lemon  –  H is for Hiding  –  I is for Ink


J is for Jungle  –  K is for Kitchen  –  L is for Laaazy


M is for Motion Graphics  –  N is for Art Nouveau  –  O is for Ocean


P is for Ping Pong  –  Q is for Queen  –  R is for Rock Yeah!


S is for Snake (sss)  –  T is for Type in Motion  –  U is for Umbrella


V is for Vegetable  –  W is for Wood  –  X is for X-Ray


Y is for Yoga  –  Z is always for Zorro!  –  number 0


number 1 (Ace of Swords)  –  Cracked 2  –  Number 3


number 4 (from the Game of Tombola)  –  5 Liter of wine (easier to finish if you are in good company)  –  number 6 is a man from the Top View


numer 7 = Seventh Day (End of Creation and rest day)  –  Number 8 is the infinity Loop  –  Number 9 is a Flock of Origami Birds that are flying Away…



Personal Project


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